• Adam Riviere
    Indianapolis, IN

    Adam Riviere, world percussionist, audio engineer and composer boasts over 25 years of experience, 13 published albums and numerous collaborations. Riviere began playing the piano at the age of ten, which led to a love of percussion and throughout the years that followed, he studied more than 30 world instruments. His music sounds as unique as the instruments he plays. Styles he performs and infuses during his performances include Middle Eastern, African, Classical, Celtic, Latin/Afro-Cuban, Caribbean, Native American, and Electro Acoustic World Ambient Trance. Riviere's love for culture and music can be heard in his performances, displaying how different cultures and mediums of music can make one great sound. This summer Riviere will be opening his studio, Playground Productions LLC, in Irvington welcoming all involved in the arts to record, rehearse, and present their works to all, and celebrating what Riviere promotes; keeping the music going.
  • Angry Red Planet
    Joe Howard - Indianapolis, IN

    You get to The Angry Red Planet by riding a sonic star craft whose destination lies somewhere between nightmares and dreams. Electronic and synthesized soundscapes combined with percussive accents demand the listener to caresses the puzzle box, enter the rabbit hole and say the magic words… Once alighted, the magnetizing pulse of this diverse father and son duo will hold the audience captive in their new home… The Angry Red Planet.
  • Baconhanger
    Zach Fisher - Chicago, IL
    Baconhanger is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Midwestern United States.  According to local folklore, Baconhanger was inbred and farm-raised by a cult of Satanic Hoosiers whose sole purpose was to create a pagan deity to convert unbaptized children to Satanism.  After murdering his makers, Baconhanger left the confines of the cornfields and holds occult revivals all over the Midwest, eating the souls of the youth.
  • Canid
    Colin Jenkins - Bloomington, IN
    Canid began in 2008 outside Washington, DC, moved to Bloomington, IN, in 2009, and soon (i.e. tomorrow) will be relocating to Philadelphia. Canid has toured Europe and the East Coast with fellow Bloomingtonian Drekka. He has performed at MuViMentS Festival 2011 in Itri, Italy, and Sonic Circuits Festival 2012 in Washington, DC. Canid exists along a continuum from ambiance to noise and is defined by fractal patterns of lo-fi pedal drones, wordless manipulated vocals, and fragments of semi-intelligible speech. Each improvised performance simultaneously searches for and attempts to establish a open-ended narrative arc as a means of continued spiritual revelation.
  • Cranial Mythos
    Greg Waltzer - Asheville, NC
    Cranial Mythos is the solo project of musician, composer, producer, and event organizer Greg Waltzer. He has recorded and performed with Waveformation, AfterMyth, xeroid entity, Technicolor Travel Agency, Fringe Element, Holosphere, and Mutation Vector. The music of Cranial Mythos ranges from dark, ambient, and spacey to upbeat and melodious, with some strange trips in between.
  • Cytomorph
    Matthew Nitz - Indianapolis, IN
    Cytomorph (A.K.A. Matt Nitz ) is an electronic musician specializing in the styles of Acid, Breakcore, Dubstep, and IDM. His live sets bring these styles together with improvisational manipulation of tones and effects.
  • David Peck
    Indianapolis, IN
    David Peck is a 22 year-old digital composer, electronic musician, sound sculptor, and bringer of vibes from Indianapolis, Indiana. As a purveyor of organic-electronic music, Peck's compositions often blend electronically generated tones and effect processes with found-sound recordings of organic material and acoustic instrumentation. Never letting his sound stay static, David finds himself shape-shifting between sound sculpting mad scientist, dance music enthusiast, ambient meditator, and hip-hop producer. No matter which form he chooses to presents himself, there is always an invariable focus on texture, sonic richness, and emotional impact.
  • dREKKa
    Michael Anderson - Bloomington, IN
    DREKKA performs heavily experimental, cinematic soundtracks to films unmade where the accompanying images are unique to each listener; stylistically and empathetically similar to the soundtracks of Tarkovsky's later films or the more abstract works of Coil and Cindytalk. DREKKA's sound is hushed, cinematic, ambient, ethereal and industrial... at times discordant and menacing, more often communicative and inviting. It is performed at a moderate volume, perfect for any small setting, including homes, gallery spaces, stores... music for those who enjoy filling in the gaps and the imagery that accompanies it. Deeply felt inspiration is drawn from such luminaries as CINDYTALK, COIL, FLYING SAUCER ATTACK, HAFLER TRIO, NURSE WITH WOUND... contemporary examples of shared sounds could include SVARTE GREINER, MACHINEFABRIEK, CHRIS WATSON, STILLUPSTEYPA, IRR.APP.(EXT.) and WOUTER VAN VELDHOVEN. DREKKA has undertaken over a dozen European excursions since 2002, including ITALY in 2010/2011/2012 and over fifty shows in the NETHERLANDS and ICELAND alone.
  • Earthgirl
    Jeannie Allen - Indianapolis, IN

    Earthgirl is the music persona of Jeannie Allen, an experimental electronic musician based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her mission is to combine analog synthesizers, digital analog modeling, field recordings and vocals to create the sensation of traveling through time and space. Drawing on inspiration from many artists who sonically evoke emotion (ranging from Tangerine Dream to Bob Marley), she explores different genres of electronic music, with tracks that range from ambient to dance to psychedelic pop.
  • Faux Pas Quartet
    Indianapolis, IN
    Faux Pas Quartet is a free form improvisation ensemble whose sole purpose is the spontaneous expression of the unconscious. The resulting music, quite literally, comes from the same stuff of which dreams are made. Archetypes of the psyche rising unfettered through the medium of the unconscious and becoming manifest in the shared conscious reality. The music is soothing, agitating, floating, rhythmic, funny, scary, sad, angry, melodic and atonal - aka 'nerd hop.' Relax, open up and take the time to flow with the music. Above all, give yourself permission to explore the irrational. Charles Shriner: EWI/soft synths/controllers Aaron Urbanski: Keyboards/soft synths/controllers Jen Schmetzer: Vocals/sampler/effects Duncan Putman: Bass/effects/dogs
  • Gerber & Gerber
    Nashville, TN
    Gerber and Gerber is a electro music duo with brothers Tony and Todd Gerber. They started performing as children together in the early 70s, but have most recently been honing their other worldly music together again after several years of working on their individual solo work.  Todd Gerber was an early adopter of looping techniques back in the 1980s and has had several projects over the years including Dinah Shore, Jr, Umlaut and Port of Saints. He actively records and explores musical horizons in his home studio in Nashville, TN.  Tony Gerber is a veteran space music artist with over 30 recordings, music scores for films, and planetarium shows and soundtracks to virtual world installations. His internationally recognized live space music group, Spacecraft, has scored music for films including Paramount's "Vanilla Sky". He has performed live concerts in planetariums, museums, galleries and festivals around the US. Tony is a pioneer of live space and ambient music, and has performed over 1500 concerts of his unique music on the virtual world grid in the past 7 years.
  • jmtta
    Jason Breitigan - Indianapolis, IN
    Jason Breitigan creates delicate, thoughtful, lower-case soundscapes using a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments and found objects. Jason is a regular performer on the streaming radio show "Music from last Thursday", frequently performs with Faux Pas Quartet and has completed three full length releases.
  • Kevin Kissinger
    Kansas City, MO
    Kevin Kissinger is a thereminist/composer from Kansas City, Mo. His solo theremin compositions utilize live-looping technology that enable rich orchestral textures and intricate counterpoint. Kevin will premiere his latest theremin work at MEME 2013. This new work will feature the use of long loops (loops longer than 20 seconds) and tapped delay to build up the ensemble sound. The result of Kevin's approach to theremin composition is a sound that contains neo-classical and minimalist elements.
  • Marauder Octobot
    Zach Lapidus - Indianapolis, IN
    Two years ago, two friends affirmed their impressive wits and winning personalities with a powerful explosion of smacking hands, henceforth known as a "high-five," and referred to in human history books as "the shot heard round the world." The resulting sonic boom unleashed a very dangerous robot: the Marauder Octobot. Zach Lapidus and Jesse Wittman, who used a fearsome combination of SuperCollider, PureData, live instrumentation, and their dashing good looks, were long able to keep this deadly beast contained with the power of sweet, sweet music. After two years of epic performances in venues such as "The Earth House," "Rachel's Cafe," "the Indie Indy Art Gallery," and "Zach's Basement," Jesse was banished to the ice prison known as "Alaska," thus threatening the future of humanity. Thankfully, Jesse's departure was followed by the entry of percussionist Ben Lumsdaine, popularly hailed as "the Hieronymus Bosch of the Drum Set," who joined with keyboardist and laptop-ist Zach to engage the Octobot in sonic battle, for the amusement of all concert-goers and music-lovers.
  • Mark Mosher
    Boulder, CO
    Mark Mosher is an electronic musician, composer, and performer from Boulder, CO. He performs his original sci-fi inspired electronica compositions using expressive controllers such as keyboards, grids (Maschine, Tenori-on), Theremin, and smart IR blocks called AudioCubes. He also amplifies his performance using interactive visuals based on live camera input and visual synthesis. Mark gives back to the community by blogging on electronic music at and is the organizer of the Boulder Synthesizer Meetup.
  • Michael Drews
    Indianapolis, IN
    Michael Drews is a composer, sound artist and computer musician. His work explores unconventional narrative structure and the expressive power of contextual identity. Present throughout Drews' work is an interest in improvisation and the use of computer technology to expand traditional ideas of musical performance and creativity. Drews is also a member of the computer-acoustic ensemble, Big Robot. Performances of Drews' compositions have been featured at SEAMUS, Cinesonika, Electronic Music Midwest, NYC Electronic Music Festival, Studio 300, PASIC, Super Computing Global, IASPM-Canada and throughout United States. Drews holds degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (D.M.A.), Cleveland State University (M.MUS.) and Kent State University (B.A.). He resides with his family in Indianapolis and is Assistant Professor of Music at Indiana University-Indianapolis (IUPUI).
  • Michael O'Bannon
    Atlanta, GA
    Michael O'Bannon is a visual artist, programmer, and psychologist based in Atlanta, Georgia.  He specializes in improvised mixes of video imagery in concert with live electronic music performers. He has collaborated on visuals for electro-music festivals and other music events in the southeast and midwest.  His work pursues the ephemeral phantasms lurking in transition zones between abstraction and representational experience.
  • Michael Peck
    Kingsport, TN

    Michael Peck is a multi - instrumentalist musician, sound designer and producer from Northeast Tennessee. His music often dwells in the dark(er) ambient and outersound genres. Since the early 00's he has been active in the electronic music scene, and frequently playing live up and down the East Coast and central Midwest. His live sets are always one off, often moving in and out movements and genre allowing both the audience and himself the opportunity of sonic exploration. Peck also has many active projects ranging from drone to doom industrial which can be heard on his label Waiting World Records.
  • Onewayness
    Adam Holquist - Erie, PA
    onewayness is Adam Holquist, an experimental electronic musician from Erie, Pennsylvania. He uses hardware and software synths, spoken word and field recordings, and a variety of acoustic and electric instruments to create atmospheric compositions which draw influence from vintage Berlin-school electronic music, minimalism, post-rock, and contemporary electronic 'listening music'.
  • PAS Musique
    Amber Brien, John Worthley, Robert L. Pepper, Michael Durek - New York, NY
    PAS Musique (PAS) is a group out to create musical collages through the form of abstract sound. Their name refers metaphorically to those who have been aborted by society, because their point of view doesn't fit in the constraints of "normal" society. The term also refers the negative form in French, metaphorically negating everything that is established to start from a new beginning. The viewpoint fuels our creativity to create our own world of beauty. Since our inception the band has been interested in making music from the fringes of perception, creating soundscapes that aren't defined by any particular conventions or viewpoints. The aesthetic underpinnings are defined by the notion that music can be whatever the ear perceives. It's a conception fueled by the love of life and art. It's a desire for honest artistic self-expression. The compositions themselves are more akin to soundscapes than "songs" in the traditional sense. There are no clearly defined melodies, no structural landmarks that give you any sense of traditional anchor. This is not music making with any sense of or desire for commercial viability, but sonic sculptures in the mode of pure art.
  • Randy Brown
    Xenia, OH
    Randy Brown is a composer/performer from Dayton, Ohio. His music is influenced by Jazz, Ambient, World, and the Classics. Performing across the USA for over 20 years on saxophone and other woodwind instruments, he now focuses on creating music with software and various electronic instruments, such as the Eigenharp and EWI. In addition to composing in his home studio and performing solo, Randy enjoys collaborating with others in creating new music.
  • Shannon Hayden
    Brooklyn, NY
    Shannon Hayden is a classically trained cellist who has never been content to stay strictly within the confines of the traditional course of study. Having achieved early success in competitions both at home and abroad she quickly began to experiment with other forms of music as well as other instruments. Working with renowned cellists such as Janos Starker and Aldo Parisot, with whom she began a graduate level course of study at the age of 18 at the Yale School of Music, did not keep her from playing lead guitar in rock and experimental bands or writing music for amplified cello. She feels that musicians who want to consider themselves artists should go beyond mere craftsmanship and constantly look to expand the repertoire of their instrument, fulfilling the needs of the era within which they actively participate. When not performing her own pieces, Shannon focuses on 20th century and contemporary works and has enjoyed working with composers Ezra Laderman, David Lang, percussionist/composer Andy Akiho, Fay Wang and tours occasionally with Eric Genuis. Having completed her studies she is currently supporting her first album with shows around the United States and hopes to meet other artists with similar interests whose focus is continuing to stretch the boundaries of virtuosic classical music by composing for and embracing technologies which she feels are underutilized. Shannon also shares her parent's passion for sustainable living and alternative energy and spends as much time as she can at the family's off the grid organic vegetable farm.
  • SurrealEstate
    Kelly & Bunny Sheets and Jim Curry - Indianapolis, IN

    SurrealEstate is a musical experience that utilizes visual and sonic textures reminiscent of the Old Berlin style of electronic synth music. Surrealestate was formed five years ago with original members Kelly Sheets, Bunny Sheets, and Randy Schwartz. After Randy's departure, long time friend and associate Jim Curry has contributed his musical creativity to Surrealestate. Surrealestate evolved from Kelly and Bunny's collective band experiences which included Gravity Hill and Interstellar Electric Gnomes. Jim Curry has been involved in multiple genres and played with bands with tastes ranging from Grateful Dead, Psychodellia, Blues, and Bluegrass. Former band member, Randy Schwartz, contributed his experiences from Tombstone Valentine and added his own unique style through synths, delays, and violin. Currently Surrealestate enjoys playing Old School Berlin using restored Moog vintage synths and other vintage equipment collected over the years. When required, styles include upbeat techno, psychill, ambient, and trance. Lighting and stage props are occasionally utilized to add to the experience.
  • Systems of Memory
    Derek Reed and Christian Birk - Atlanta, GA
    Systems of Memory is the musical collaboration between Detroit native Derek Reed and German born Christian Birk. Based in Atlanta, Systems of Memory combine influences from early Industrial, Ambient and Berlin School to IDM and Glitch into a freeform musical experience that is performed with hardware synthesizers.
  • Twyndllyngs
    Bill Fox and Howard Moscovitz - Allentown, PA
    Before forming Xeroid Entity with Greg Waltzer, Howard Moscovitz and Bill Fox were already playing together under the name Subspace since 2002. In 2010, they realized that they had made a resurgence as a duo and became Twyndyllyngs, performing weekly internet broadcasts (Chez Mosc) on electro-music radio. Also, Greg had moved away to Asheville, NC. They use guitar, lap steel guitar, Nord Modular synthesizers, Theremin, and iPads. Bill and Howard have very broad musical interests ranging from Claudio Monteverdi to Charles Shriner. They call their music Electronic Chamber Music. It is intended to be performed live in relatively small spaces. Howard is the founder of Bill is the producer of several FM radio programs including Galactic Travels on WDIY in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. They both travel widely performing electro-music and frequently collaborate with other musicians.
  • Veronica Pejril
    Veronica Pejril is a composer and multi-keyboardist from Greencastle, Indiana, where she teaches digital musicianship and computer music at DePauw University. An alumna of the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios and Princetonís computer music lab, she was an early explorer into the intersections of MIDI and sound synthesis. She continues to explore non-traditional uses of human/computer interfaces for musical expression. Her current interests include applications of sound-spatialization for real-time interactive installation art, as well as for traditional through-composed music.

MEME brings some of the world's finest electronic and experimental musicians to Indianapolis, Indiana. They will be joined by local artists for two days of concerts, workshops, demonstrations and collaborations. Musical styles cover a broad spectrum, guaranteed to be creative and original. Live video art will accompany the concerts, for an immersive multi-media experience. The musicians employ a wide variety of electronic and acoustic instruments, from synthesizers and theremins to found objects and custom controllers. Afternoons will feature hands-on workshops and jam sessions open to everyone.