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Indianapolis Electronic Music Group and
The Irving Theater present

Midwest Electro-Music Experience 2013
Music for Adventurous Listeners

Thank you to everyone involved for making MEME 2013 a huge success! We hope to see you all again soon!

August 2-3, 2013
Session times: Friday 6pm-1am, Saturday 10:30am-4:30pm, Sat. 6pm-1am
Tickets: $5 per session or $12 for all three sessions.

Two days of eclectic, experimental electronic and electroacoustic music
Irving Theater, 5505 E. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN (map)
in conjunction with Bookmamas

Over 35 Live Musicians
Beer and Wine
And more!

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Friday Evening Performances at the Irving Theater
  • 6:00-6:30pm Randy Brown Xenia, OH
  • 6:40-7:10pm Earthgirl Jeannie Allen - Indianapolis, IN
  • 7:20-7:50pm Adam Riviere Atlanta, GA
  • 8:00-8:30pm Twyndyllyngs Howard Moscovitz and Bill Howard - Allentown, PA
  • 8:40-9:10pm Canid Colin Jenkins - Bloomington, IN
  • 9:20-9:50pmpm Gerber & Gerber Nashville, TN
  • 10:00-10:30pm Surreal Estate Bunny & Kelly Sheets and Jim Curry - Indianapolis, IN
  • 10:40-11:10pm Cranial Mythos Greg Waltzer - Asheville, NC
  • 11:20-11:50pm dREKKa Michael Anderson - Bloomington, IN
  • 12:00-12:30am onewayness Adam Holquist - Erie, PA
  •  & jmtta Jason Breitigan - Indianapolis, IN
  • 12:40-1:10am Cytomorph Matthew Nitz - Indianapolis, IN
  • Video: Joe Howard
  •           Michael O'Bannon - Atlanta, GA
  •           Azimuth Visuals - Asheville, NC
Saturday Day Workshops - Workshop sessions will be held in the Irving and the basement of Bookmamas
  • 11:30am-12pm Randy Brown Eigenharp Demo - Bookmamas
    Randy Brown will present a demonstration of two Eigenharp models, the mid-sized and sporty Tau and the sleek and compact Pico. Capabilities of all Eigenharps will be discussed, including the EigenD software suite, as well as some of the unique characteristics of the instruments themselves.
  • 12:00-12:30pm Mark Mosher - Next Gen Percussa AudioCubes Exclusive Sneak Peek - Irving Theater
    AudioCubes are smart IR cubes, capable of sensing each other's location and orientation, as well as distance to your hands, fingers and other objects. They have built in RGB lighting, rechargeable batteries and chargers. Mark has been performing with the AudioCubes for over three years and has been working closely with Bert Schiettecatte on beta testing some very intriguing new features. In this talk Mark will offer a sneak peek into what Bert has been developing for the last few years.
  • 12:30-1:30pm Tony Gerber Professional Recording with the iPad and Auria DAW - Bookmamas
    At the end of last year, some changes occurred on the iPad front, and Tony for the first time purchased an iPad for the exclusive use of becoming the recording/mixer part of his live and studio rig. This workshop will go over certain iPad apps, hardware and recording techniques that he currently uses for live concerts as well as recording in his home studio. If you have been wondering if there is a good way to use the iPad as your recording studio, then this is the workshop for you.
  • 1:30-2:30pm Aaron Urbanski Using Renoise for composition and live performance - Irving Theater
    Renoise is a modern cross-platform DAW with a tracker-based approach and features extensibility through scripting. In this workshop Aaron will demonstrate working in a tracker environment, ideas for live performance, and some commonly used tools scripted for Renoise.
  • 2:30-3:30pm Zach Lapidus SuperCollider: An Introduction to Synthesis Languages and Algorithmic Music - Irving Theater
    SuperCollider is a free and complete open source and cross-platform environment for music synthesis and composition. It's the perfect tool for anyone with a DIY bent who wants to design their own effects, write music with algorithms, or design their own performance environment. A tool doesn't exist to do what you want musically? Make your own! We'll spend time making sense of the SuperCollider environment, with a short introduction to the language, and brief overview of how it might be able to help you.
  • 3:30-4:30pm Veronica Pejril Adventures in Octophony - Bookmamas
    Veronica Pejril will present some of her current work with n-channel sound spatialization using accessible software and hardware tools. After describing some of the challenges and opportunities involved with working in this medium, she will share some musical examples for attendees, and answer your questions.
  • 4:30-5:00pm Adam Riviere Indianapolis, IN - Outside/coffee shop
Saturday Night Performances at the Irving Theater

MEME brings some of the world's finest electronic and experimental musicians to Indianapolis, Indiana. They will be joined by local artists for two days of concerts, workshops, demonstrations and collaborations. Musical styles cover a broad spectrum, guaranteed to be creative and original. Live video art will accompany the concerts, for an immersive multi-media experience. The musicians employ a wide variety of electronic and acoustic instruments, from synthesizers and theremins to found objects and custom controllers. Afternoons will feature hands-on workshops and jam sessions open to everyone.